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This dependency on a microchip reader is not optimal, when trying to act fast in finding your beloved furry friend. Dog microchips are used as a form of identification and they can be easily implanted in your dog by the local vet. They are only useful when you also register the pet ID with your contact information name, address, telephone number and keep that information up to date. Later, vets and some shelters can make use of a special scanner in an attempt to read the digit ID microchip and identify the owners of found pets.

Nevertheless , your dog first needs to be found, captured and then brought to a vet — often by a stranger.

Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday

The fact is : While you are on the search for your missing dog, the microchip for dogs is of no help. Tracking devices like the Tractive GPS Tracker, on the other hand, give you the possibility to track your dog in real time. This means that dog GPS trackers give you the power to act immediately in case your precious furry friend gets lost or runs away. These helpful features make dog GPS trackers real life-savers, when it comes to finding your lost pet.

Directly connected with an app on your smartphone, the dog GPS tracker will show you the position of your dog in real-time and anywhere in the world. This is highly important, since dogs who run away are often disorientated or scared and may often change their position. Nevertheless, the necessity of having all these features make it impossible for GPS trackers to be of the size of a rice grain, which is so tiny and easy to implant.


Fact check: You might think that a Bluetooth tracker could also do the same job. Do you know the differences between a GPS tracker and a Bluetoooth tracker? If you are looking for real-time tracking and precise positioning of your dog anywhere in the world, a GPS tracker is what you need.

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Can I implant GPS trackers in my dog and cat in ? - Tractive

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    Facts check: Is it possible to implant GPS trackers in dogs or cats?

    Every good parent has concern about the well-being of their children. This natural concern starts the moment a child comes into the Although the concern is t Teen Tracking Systems For Parents The world is a totally different place today than it was thirty years ago. Social networking has