Finding auto car washes for sale

Same owner for over 38 years seeking retirement.

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  • Car Washes For Sale;

Open 6am to 9pm. Very lucrative and easy to operate business. No beer and wine. Convenience store has only soda, candy, etc. Short Profile: Priced to sell at your choice of converting to express car wash with low investment. Lube center with hoist for an extra income. Easy in and out set up! Well established hand car wash consisting a lube center with hoist can be converted to express car wash if prefer. Express Car wash business hours; 7am to 7 Pm 7days a weeks.

Great Conner Location with Much more potential.

Starting a Car Wash

Short Profile: Well established express car wash. Potential buyer must show prove of fund. Corner of very busy street.

Wheels treated with nano-coating after 14 months and 3 car washes

Cash offer only. Short Profile: Long established business. Signalized corner location. All hand wash with some detail work. Manager run operation. Easy to operate. Principals only please. Come to office for additional information.

Address will not be provided over the phone or email. Short Profile: This is a totally help run operation. No direct owner involvement in the day to day operation. Seller lives out of area. Operates with employees depending on the day and season.

Very reliable management. Washes around 6,, cars per month. No competition near by. Short Profile: Lot Size is 19, sq. There is other tinting and car protecting film business on separated building. The site has 7 vacuum stations pre-installed.

Are Car-Wash Extras Worth It?

Each product can be applied to the vehicle in a single pass. Anything that can be applied through the arch, can be put through Flex Pass. Speeds are adjustable - individually, in both directions. Virtual Attendant automatically compensates for the obstacle thereby allowing the wash to be completed. This means no downtime, no attendant and no more trips to the site to reset the wash! Automatically compensates for obstacles and keeps on washing. Virtual Attendant means having no attendant and no downtime.

Voice Prompts. Reduce confusion and verbally connect with your customers with Razor. Your customers will never need to guess what to do with audible voice prompts! No on-site PC or laptop is needed to configure your wash. Razor also features a comprehensive integrated security system, monitoring auto cashiers, doors, fluid levels and more. In addition, the Wash Package Storage capability allows for up to twelve wash packages to be retained, which can be quickly copied to the immediate wash setup. A laptop or PC is not required to configure your wash.

Eye-Catching LEDs.

These striking, long-lasting LEDs are standard on all Razor wash systems. This unique concentrated attack targets bugs and salt film which leave vehicles cleaner and customers happier. Bug A'Salt concentrates your cleaning efforts to the front of the vehicle. Whether it's bugs in the summer or heavy salt film in the winter, Bug A'Salt allows you to apply a specialized cleaning product from mirror to mirror driver's side mirror, front bumper, front grill, hood, and passenger side mirror.

Specific cleaning product for bug removal in summer.

Careers begin here

Cat Pump with deluxe oil change kit allows easy access for service. Four customizable buy-up options let your Auto Cashier up-sell for you, resulting in greater wash package flexibility and maximized profits! Entice your customers with every sale to purchase a wash upgrade, increasing your average sale. It even gives you the ability to receive text or email notifications to keep you fully informed!

There is simply no better Tri-Color foam application available! Foaming heads can be positioned individually, allowing unlimited flexibility to stay ahead of your competitors. This system attracts new customers with a thick, colorful, and foamy conditioner or polish. The best part? The subtle fragrant enhancements are sure to keep customers coming back! Positionable foaming heads for extended coverage.

Tri-Color Foam Freeze Protection available. Effective wheel cleaning that will keep your customers coming back! The Power Tower Wheel Cleaner is available with three or six rotating nozzles per tower. Some call it, "Lava"; we call our luxurious foam application Foam 'n Flow. Complete with full, dramatic product-enhancing LED back-lighting, Washworld's Foam 'n Flow can be used with any Carnauba, hot wax, polish, or conditioning product on the market.

More show, more shine, more revenue. HyperFlex heightens the dynamic cleaning experience of the Razor. HyperFlex can be used in conjunction with Razor standard Flex Pass to simultaneously apply multiple products, dramatically reducing wash time. Even better, HyperFlex can be combined with SpectraRay to create a blanket of color over product applications for the ultimate experience! Transform your car wash experience in a big way with a spectacular array of programmable LEDs. Illuminate and bathe your wash bays and vehicle interiors in red, magenta, blue and green.

Gas Stations & Car Washes for Sale

SpectraRay helps bring in new car wash customers. Even when idle, SpectraRay can sequence through colors to draw attention to the wash bay with an eye-catching light show, making it unique and memorable for prospective customers! The soothing blue color, light, and motion helps attract more customers as an active marketing campaign, constantly creating a buzz.

LumenArch allows the customer to sit back, relax and enjoy the car wash! Pump Station. For locations without an equipment room, the in-bay pump station offers the same cutting-edge technology incorporated in a space-saving design to be located directly in your wash bay. Featuring one-piece heavy-duty construction, it is designed for long life in even the harshest of conditions.

You may be required to place them a certain distance from the street. You may or may not be able to use a lighted sign. And you may or may not be allowed to place movable signs, such as sandwich board signs, anywhere near the edges of your lot. The most important consideration for you, of course, is visibility.

As we have noted, your sign needs to be visible enough from a distance to give drivers about 40 seconds to decide whether they want to pull in for a car wash, and this is as true at night as it is in the daytime. The importance of that may depend somewhat on where you are and who your clientele might be. For example, if you expect to draw a lot of business from people who are driving home from work to their apartments, nighttime visibility will be a factor.

And it will be a much greater consideration if you live in a northern climate where wintertime darkness descends before a typical workday ends. A meeting with your local zoning and land use department should give you a good idea of what the rules are and how they will affect your particular plans. Consider, for example, that as a rule of thumb, an urban and suburban area with a population of 20, or so can comfortably support an eight-bay self-serve car wash. Your assessment, of course, can be loosened somewhat if you are building in a rapidly growing area.

Consider whether the population will grow fast enough to keep your cash flowing on a consistent basis. Given the heavy up-front development costs involved in building and equipping a car wash, this is the principal consideration in producing a profitable return on your investment, or ROI. In order to generate a profit from such revenues, you will need to consider your land, development and construction costs accordingly, along with labor and maintenance costs once your car wash is up and running.

Your land and development costs are likely to account for a large portion of your ongoing expenditures. If you buy your land, most lenders will insist on 20 percent or more down with five- to year amortization terms. You might be able to cut your monthly expenditures by leasing your land, depending on your area.