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Depending on the damages of your baggage, it will be repaired or exchanged to a similar bag. Samsonite will help you repair or exchange your damaged bag. The registration to SAS Samsonite Baggage Support is considered a written claim and needs to be registered within seven days of arrival. SAS is not liable for preexisting damage, including minor cuts, scratches and broken zippers because of over packing, or for wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling of the baggage.

If your baggage is delayed when traveling with SAS, you must report your missing baggage immediately at the airport , or through the Self Service Baggage Tool. You also need to submit a claim within 21 days from when the baggage has been made available to you.

This is a unique file reference, connected to your missing baggage, and it is important to save it until you have received your baggage. When your delayed baggage has been reported, SAS will begin an immediate search for your bag. We will keep you updated via text message and email while we are searching. If your baggage is delayed more than 24 hours and you need to buy toiletries and other essential items, or you need to rent equipment because yours is delayed, we will reimburse you for these costs within reasonable limits.

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The exact definition of what is reasonable depends on the individual situation, the purpose and the length of your trip. You have to limit your expenses to reasonable necessities. Please note that this is your own responsibility. The reimbursements of extra costs are always based on acceptable documentation, so remember to save all receipts.

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You need to prove the extent of your loss. To get reimbursed for any expenses caused by your baggage delay you need to send a written claim to SAS Customer Service as soon as possible and no later than 21 days after your delivered to you. For us to make any kind of reimbursement, you must have suffered an actual and proven financial loss. If your baggage is delayed on your trip home, we trust that you have access to the things you need. In these cases, the costs of essential items may not be covered by SAS. In case your baggage remains lost, any reimbursements that we have already paid will be deducted from the final settlement.

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In the unlikely event of your bag being missing for 21 days, you can submit a claim for lost baggage. Our liability for lost baggage is limited by international regulations and guidelines, as for all other international airline carriers. It can be found in our general conditions of carriage. You can trace your baggage and update your delivery information via the World Tracer website a global bag-tracing and matching system.

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Also, she is a big fan of Star War and Orphan Black. He Poski, thank you for your suggestion. My car was stolen few months ago, I almost cried and was sober f or week until my uncle introduced me to Travis who helped me track and hack my car. I was able to recover my car withing 3 day all thanks to Travis.

Contact him via Mtravis gmail. Hello McKenzie, we are really glad that you get your stolen car back with the ways. Please share the above ways with your family or friends so that more people can learn the useful ways to get their stolen or missing cars back! Hello Justin, we are really sorry for your loss. You can try the above effective ways to find your stolen car. We will add the place you mentioned in the list.

My car was stolen tonight, hasn't been recovered yet. I called the police and high way patrol nothing yet. I have to call them in the morning again and see what happens then wish me luck. Sorry yal had to experience this,we never know when we are a victim. Hello Eve, we are very sorry that you encounter the car theft. The police will try to help you recover your car. Hope the ways in this post may do you a favor. And hope your car will be recovered soon! Good luck to you!

I have a Toyato tocoma it was stolen two days, i have not heard one word what do I need to do? After you've reported to the police, you can track down your car with the VIN. The ways in this post are really helpful to get your stolen car back as much as possible. Do you have any videos tapes that caught the car thieves in the act? Clear images are helpful for the police to identity the thieves.

Hello Blessed, really sorry about that. Have you try the above ways to find your stolen car yet besides filing a report to the police? Do you have the VIN for your missing car? If yes, you can track down your stolen car with the number. Or do you have any video tapes that caught the images of the car thieves? If yes, the police can catch them more easily. How is using the vin after my car had been stolen going to help. The person who stole the car is not going to go and register the vehicle.

Hello Mrembalmer, with the VIN, you can see a chronological history of the places where your car was registered, titled and serviced. How that makes no sense. My daughters truck was stolen a week ago Sun and we have the title. Anything that the vin would show would be when she registered it.

The police SAT on it for 4 days even though they were given a strong tip of someone that works at a auto paint and repair shop. A person that stole it is not going to register it under the right info they are either going to chop it or try to salvage title it. It was a GMC Truck. Do you really think someone is going to register and service it within a week time, I really do not understand this advice. Really sorry for your loss.

Have you tried to track down your lost via the VIN please? Have you tried to track down your lost car via the VIN please? Enter your vehicle identification number and credit card details on the vehicle history report search screen, and you will see a chronological history of the places where your car was registered, titled and serviced.

If I want to locate my car, you say with VIN? How do I use my VIN to locate my car?

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While the service cost quite alot but unfortunately I can't access the site. Is it because I'm outside US? I'm not from US. Does dmv provide worldwide report? You can contact the local DMV for more details. One thing no one has mentioned, that my friend is experiencing: her car was stolen last year and recovered the next day very slightly damaged and the insurance company had damage repaired.

It is worth thousands less than it would be without this history on the VIN. She would have been better off if they had totaled the car. Very unfair.

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My car was stolen by the body shop repairman who my insurance agent referred me to. He stole my car and copied the vin into a salvaged, flood damaged car of the same make, but different model and year. The police wouldn't look at the car or take a report or get the door back the repairman took off.

I've contacted the district attorney's office but the secretary won't let me talk without a police report.