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We will cover this in later articles. The end user has no idea what is happening behind the scenes; they are simply are waiting for the page to load and all of these DNS queries have to happen before the browser can request the webpage. This is why we stress the importance of fast DNS.

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You can have a fast and well-built site, but if your DNS is slow, your webpage will still have poor response time. Author Yu Ng. Previous Post. Next Post. You Might Also Like Best practices for a fast performing banking website. Practicality of Observability.

NSLOOKUP: look up and find IP addresses in the DNS

Returns the IPv4 address or a string containing the unmodified hostname on failure. Example 1 A simple gethostbyname example. Edit Report a Bug.

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Parameters hostname The host name. Return Values Returns the IPv4 address or a string containing the unmodified hostname on failure. If you do a gethostbyname and there is no trailing dot after a domainname that does not resolve, this domainname will ultimately be appended to the server-FQDN by nslookup. So if you do a lookup for nonexistentdomainname. To avoid this behaviour, just add a trailing dot to the domainname; i. This prevents the resolver from walking though all search domains and retrying the domain with the search domain appended. This function says "Returns the IPv4 address or a string containing the unmodified hostname on failure.

Important note: You should avoid its use in production. DNS Resolution may take from 0. Your customers may think that the server is slow, but actually it is just waiting for the DNS resolution response. You can use it, but if you want performance, you should avoid it, or schedule it to some CRON script I have written two functions to implement this. I don't believe this issue has been addressed yet.

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