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Georgia joins the majority of other states mandating enhanced satisfactory background check for care workers. The new law, signed by Governor Nathan Deal on May 7, , is intended to promote public safety for a growing and vulnerable aging population. Reports of elder abuse have been on the rise in recent years as the elderly population grows.

Investigations into abuse of elders and adults with disabilities by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have increased percent in the last five years, according to the agency. The new law, codified at O. Section , et seq. A new fingerprinting requirement is expected to go into effect in January , allowing employers time to conduct more extensive background checks on current employees.

The new law applies to owners, applicants for employment, and employees providing care or owning a personal care home, assisted living community, private home care provider, home health agency, hospice care, nursing home, skilled nursing facility, or adult day-care. Currently, Georgia caretakers must only submit to a name-based background check that is limited to crimes committed in Georgia.

Family Care Safety Registry

This offers limited protection at best; information about an individual from another state with a criminal history or who is using an assumed name would not be uncovered. The enhanced background check requirement would more comprehensively incorporate reviews of the FBI database, state and national databases of criminal records, the nurse aide registry, and state sexual offender and other registries.

Expressly excluded from this definition are physicians, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists who are licensed by the state. Also excluded from the mandatory background check are individuals who contract with a facility, personally or through a company, to provide utility, construction, communications, accounting, quality assurance, human resource management, information technology, legal, or other services that are not directly related to providing services to a patient, resident or client of the facility. Families i. Covered Georgia employers in the care-taking industry should comply with the new law and ensure that:.

Please contact a Jackson Lewis attorney to discuss the new law and your specific organizational needs. Hire incorrectly, and you may lose productivity and earnings and even put yourself, your company, or your coworkers at risk. Hiring decisions must be made with confidence. Companies all over the country rely on DataCheck to provide them with the information they need.

Read more about DataCheck. Human resources managers should be fully aware of a potential employee's employment history and criminal record report. DataCheck will provide a thorough background check, including. Human resources managers should be fully aware of a potential employee's driving record, employment history, and sex offender registry status. DataCheck can run a thorough background check, criminal record report, social security number verification report, driving record check, and a nationwide sex offender registry search on any applicant before that person becomes a member of your team.

Background checks and pre-employment screening are so important in today's world, because of the real threat employers are facing under the legal doctrine "negligent hiring.

Employment Background Check Laws By State

DataCheck is a full-service background investigation company that specializes in obtaining pertinent information through criminal background checks on a state-wide and national level, past employment and background history information, and background investigations for DMV history, credit reports, drug screening, and many other aspects on individuals for employers nationwide. Each background check our company processes is handled by our professional staff to assure your company will make the right decision.

Protect your business with DataCheck. Hiring decisions must be made with confidence, and companies all over the country rely on DataCheck to provide them with the information they need. For more information about our background check services, feel free to contact our company directly by phone or send us an email, and one of our agents will contact you promptly. With the ease of producing bogus degree certificates in today's world, the only sure way to verify is by direct contact with the schools.

We provide verification of high school diplomas, G. Certificates, College and University attendance, degrees and trade school certification, including grade point averages and class ranking. A comprehensive detailed inquiry regarding the applicant's employment history. We verify dates of employment, position, salary, job duties, work habits, and eligibility for rehire. Useful in determining if a person has been excluded from participation in the Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs.

Covers over 50 different types of healthcare professionals and entities and includes all 50 states. An important search for health care providers as the Congress of the United States established a Civil Monetary Penalty for institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties. Important when the use of company vehicles are involved.

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Contacts are made with professional or personal references to gain insight into the applicants personal behavior, personal characteristics, stability, work habits, ability to work and get along with others, and more. Verification that an individual is licensed to perform specific professional services where a state license is required. This will help ensure that the applicant has the proper credentials to the job.

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Date of issue, current status, expiration date and any disciplinary action provided. A direct check of societies or organizations in which the applicant has stated they hold a membership. Not available in all states, this search can only be requested after an offer of employment has been made, or actual hiring. Provides location of any reported accident in the workplace, date of claim, employer, nature of injury, days lost due to injury, and current status.

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Requesting information in the moment rather than waiting until an application has been submitted limits unnecessary back and forth and decreases overall turnaround time. It also provides candidates with insight into how long the application process will take and allows them sign and submit directly from their mobile device. Building and maintaining a compliant healthcare workforce is critical to retaining Medicare and Medicaid funding and avoiding state and federal regulatory issues. HEAL features more than 5, sources to help companies reduce their exposure to risk and compliance issues, including, but not limited to:.

Healthcare organizations are required to verify and document the educational background, training, experience, and other credentials of their employees, contractors, volunteers, and vendors via primary source documentation to confirm the credentials are genuine. The process of manually searching databases to verify credentials is time consuming. At First Advantage, we understand the importance of Primary Source Verification, which is why our products deliver. We verify the status of credentials and source materials in real time so the information you receive is current, up to date and actionable.

Our pre-employment drug and health screening features fast and simple collections, exams and straightforward results to give you the information you need to promote a safe, secure, productive, and drug-free workplace. For employees that interact with patients, we also help coordinate physicals, inoculations, and related records for all candidates based on job requirements.

We offer instant testing options, provide panel recommendations to best meet your needs and leverage more than 22, testing locations across the United States. Keep credentialing easy by simply adding a license credential check to a routine background screening package. First Advantage can minimize your risk and get you a faster, more complete and comprehensive view of professional candidates, along with any accompanying documentation, when available, direct from the credentialing source, all in one place. Social Media Search helps you identify the actions and behaviors of a candidate or employee that may present a potential risk to your company or patients or create an unsafe and unwelcoming workplace.

It can also find positive attributes of candidates that make a good fit in the culture of your company. As a healthcare organization, we know that you take data protection seriously—data breaches can have serious consequences for both healthcare providers and their patients. At First Advantage, we are as concerned with data security as you are.

First Advantage strives to be a leader in the responsible use of information by employing an industry-leading, comprehensive nine-step risk management program to ensure the privacy and security of candidate personal data throughout the screening process. Coordinating screening and re-screening for a robust employee network supporting different states with different requirements often creates confusion within a healthcare organization.

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First Advantage can help you stay in compliance, limit risk, and provide analytics on your desired processes to help you stay on track. States have a wide range of requirements or none at all regarding what elements will be reexamined and the frequency for when those searches should occur.

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Frequency: Three-year anniversary month of date of employment. Subsequent checks required every two years.

What Background Checks Are Needed for the Healthcare Industry

The financial implications of negative publicity and the cost of possible legal action against your brand make Criminal Records Watch a wise investment. First Advantage Criminal Records Watch enables healthcare companies to better protect their brands, workplaces and patients from risk.

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